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Development Project Manager

Claire Miller

Claire miller

Professional Experience

Claire Miller brings dynamic energy and a passion for community revitalization to her role as Project Manager and Assistant Vice President of Development at T&H. Claire holds a B.A. in Finance from Anderson University and an MBA from Cedarville University. 

Prior to completing her MBA and joining T&H, Claire worked in consulting as an Associate at JLH Development, where she honed her project orchestration skills and fostered collaboration among various groups of project stakeholders. She also completed multiple internships throughout her college career with a diverse group of development companies, including not only T&H Investments but also The Hageman Group and Flaherty & Collins Properties. Additionally, while in grad school, she gained experience in property management during her summer role as a Property Manager at Herron Property Management. Claire’s experiences allowed her to immediately utilize her formal education in Finance and Business Administration, translating that knowledge from academia to the business world. 

In her role at T&H, Claire brings a well-developed organizational skillset, leveraging time management, prioritization, systems, and visual tools to streamline processes and achieve results. She has a strong sense of accountability and ownership for her projects, taking charge of each detail from beginning to completion while ensuring adherence to timelines and other project parameters. A strong communicator, Claire works to ensure transparent and productive communication between all project stakeholders. Her ability to effectively convey project information, creating clarity for stakeholders, has consistently contributed to the success of her projects. 

In addition to the joy of seeing a development project come to fruition, Claire also finds fun and excitement in sports and an active lifestyle, through such activities as tennis, volleyball, and other forms of fitness. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family exploring new coffee shops and restaurants.

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