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Construction Project Manager

Sara Bennett

Sara bennett

Professional Experience

Sara Bennett joined T&H in January of 2024 as a Construction Project Manager. She holds a BA from Indiana University and a Residential Contractor's License in the state of Michigan. With over 11 years of experience in the construction industry, including 8 years in multi-family construction, Sara brings a wealth of expertise to her role.

Sara is known for her dedication and attention to detail. Her extensive experience includes working on projects that meet Davis Bacon, Section 3, Universal Design, NGBS, and various state-specific program requirements. Throughout her career, she has worked on over 20 projects across the country ranging in size from $6 million to $60 million, which has significantly broadened her professional knowledge and skill set.

One of Sara’s most notable projects is a 233-unit market-rate project that was converted to a LIHTC project while under construction. Her team played a crucial role in ensuring that all new design requirements following the project's conversion were meticulously incorporated into the new design.

Sara resides in Indianapolis with her two beautiful daughters. Together, they enjoy traveling and spending time in nature. Sara also loves gardening, mountain biking, hiking, and exploring new and exciting places.

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