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Construction Project Manager

Travis Blodgett

Travis blodgett

Professional Experience

Travis Blodgett joined T&H in June of 2022 as a Project Superintendent. Travis studied at Franklin College and brings over 10 years of diverse experience in the construction field to his role. Travis feels extremely fortunate to have built lasting relationships with many people across a broad spectrum of the construction industry throughout the Midwest. 


Travis began his career in construction in 2012 at a small multipurpose concrete construction company in rural Indiana. Throughout this formative experience, Travis learned many of the principles that have shaped his career. In 2017, Travis left concrete construction and started his career in construction management with TWG as an Assistant Superintendent. Some of the notable projects that Travis was involved in during his time with TWG include a 13-story, 163 unit historical rehabilitation project in downtown Des Moines, IA, a historical renovation project in St. Louis, MO involving two buildings that became 88 market rate apartments, and the Indianapolis renovation of a former Ford manufacturing building into 132 market rate apartments and a large corporate office space. Travis also led a team in constructing a new 4-story 63-unit apartment building with a built-out tenant space that now houses Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS), the first of its kind school in the state of Indiana to specifically serve small children with visual impairment. 


Travis is known for his ability to communicate effectively with individuals from all walks of life to achieve a common goal. His keen attention to detail enables him to see the impact that minor details have throughout the course of a major construction project and to envision the final product. He is also skilled at the art of compromise, and prides himself on his ability to remove his emotions from a situation and view it from the perspective of another individual. 

Since joining T&H, Travis has enjoyed working with a collective of talented and caring individuals who want to teach and encourage each other. He enjoys learning, communicating, and collaborating with a wide range of professions and personalities to achieve real-world results in which he can take pride. 


Outside of work, Travis enjoys golfing and spending time around water, especially fishing and water-skiing. 

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