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President of Property Management

Tyler McKee

Tyler mckee

Professional Experience

Tyler McKee is an accomplished professional in the field of property management and construction, currently serving as the Director of Property Operations. Tyler holds a degree from Ball State University in Risk Management and Insurance. With a robust career spanning over a decade, Tyler’s expertise, dedication, and leadership have consistently driven successful outcomes in the property management and development industries. 

Tyler began his professional career in 2009 at RealAmerica as a Property Manager. He rose through the organization to become a Regional Property Manager and then the Director of Property Management. He then took on the role of Vice President of Construction, where his background in Property Management informed a unique perspective on the construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing communities. During his tenure at RealAmerica, Tyler discovered a passion for working on troubled asset properties. The challenges of working on these properties are significant, but also provide a substantial opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of residents and the overall health of the surrounding community.  

Tyler’s current role as Director of Property Operations allows him to both positively impact communities and residents as well as to utilize his capabilities of process design, implementation, and evolution. Tyler appreciates the excellence of the team that surrounds him at T&H and is proud to be a leader in the organization. Tyler’s leadership skills, emphasis on team building, and focus on employee development make him a differentiator in his role. 

Outside of work, Tyler enjoys spending time outside, particularly on the water, and going kayaking and fishing. He is very interested in agriculture and has a small farm where he raises pigs, sheep, and goats, and grows a variety of produce.

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